DELL. Disabling SupportAssist on switch

3 minute read

SupportAssist is a daemon for sending technical reports to Dell servers. It enables by default. Here we disable this unwanted feature (and may be unsecured).

Hacking. Wi-Fi Penetration on MacOS

6 minute read

Today I want to show how to crack WPA/WPA2 passwords on MacOS. It took me 20 minutes to hack a password with 8 digits. My methods based on airport, aircrack-...

DELL. CLI commands

9 minute read

Here is a list of basic CLI commands which will help you manage your Dell PowerConnect series switches.

ESXi. The command line and shell magic

8 minute read

Sometimes you don’t have access to ESXi by WebGUI. You might need to restart a server remotely via SSH or direct console. In these cases it’s great to be abl...