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DELL. Disabling SupportAssist on switch

3 minute read

SupportAssist is a daemon for sending technical reports to Dell servers. It enables by default. Here we disable this unwanted feature (and may be unsecured).

Hacking. Wi-Fi Penetration on MacOS

5 minute read

Today I want to show how to crack WPA/WPA2 passwords on MacOS. It took me 20 minutes to hack a password with 8 digits. My methods based on airport, aircrack-...

Traefik. Concept term explanation

3 minute read

Traefik is a load balancer and HTTP reverse proxy that makes working with microservices. It has good interfaces to integrate with containers and orchestratio...

Selenoid. Selenium in Docker

4 minute read

Selenoid is a server, that launches isolated browsers within Docker containers. All browser processes are fully isolated. This allows launching an unhindered...

DELL. CLI commands

9 minute read

Here is a list of basic CLI commands which will help you manage your Dell PowerConnect series switches.

ESXi. The command line and shell magic

8 minute read

Sometimes you don’t have access to ESXi by WebGUI. You might need to restart a server remotely via SSH or direct console. In these cases it’s great to be abl...

Installing Jekyll on Fedora 30

1 minute read

Jekyll is simple static site generator that focuses on blogs, but can be used for all kinds of sites. This blog uses Jekyll as base. And this post show comma...

GitLab CE in Docker. Disable HTTPS

1 minute read

GitLab CE enable https and Let’s Encrypt certificates by default. What to do if it no needs? How to disable listening 443 TCP port.

GitLab CE in Docker. Deploying

2 minute read

A good team of software development doesn’t exists without a code repository manager system. GitLab is the most popular and reach functionality system. This ...

Ansible. My preferred modules

9 minute read

Ansible ships with a number of modules (module library) that can be executed directly on remote hosts or through Playbooks. Modules are the ones that do the ...

Ansible. Getting started

4 minute read

In this post I will speak about installation and configuration the remote and control machine for running basic commands and the first playbook.

Ansible. Architecture

6 minute read

Ansible is an automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many ot...

Ansible. Why I use it?

2 minute read

As a sysadmin I often connect to servers that run the same commands by SSH. This is could be update packages, edit configures, copy files or some other thing...

GitLab CI/CD. Create simple pipeline

2 minute read

With using CI/CD pipelines in GitLab project you can easily build, test and deploy your code. This post will describe how to make it step by step.

GitLab CI/CD. Install and configure Runner

2 minute read

GitLab uses Runners for a running scripts that defined in your CI pipeline. A Runner is a daemon that hosted in your servers. It waits commands from GitLab ...

GitLab CI/CD. Main concepts and terms

2 minute read

Before we will create the first pipeline with GitLab CI we should understand what pipeline is it. I want to explain main terms in this post.

GitLab CI/CD

less than 1 minute read

GitLab CI/CD takes many benefits for companies that want to automate software development workflow. I use it in my practice for a long time and want to docum...

Tasks of Linux contest in IT-Planet

2 minute read

IT-Planet is an international olympiad for students and young specialists in IT. I participated in the contest of Linux Administration and I became one of th...

Add a free SSL certificate to NGINX server

4 minute read

In this article I will show you how to use the certbot Let’s Encrypt client to obtain a free SSL certificate and use it with Nginx on CentOS 7. I will also s...